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Ocular Allergy

There are several types of allergic reactions.  When we think of allergic reactions, most of us think about the immediate reactions we have to food allergens or the sneezing and wheezing from an airborne allergen like pollen.  That type of reaction will give you itchy, puffy, watery eyes; multiple therapies exist to counteract those reactions.  There are other types of allergic reactions that occur very slowly, though.  These tend to affect the eyelids and are often caused by cosmetic products or shampoos.  Did you know that you could develop an allergy to your contact lenses?  Delayed reactions to contact lenses will affect the inside of the eyelids.  We have very reliable tests to determine the cause of these types of allergic reactions, too.  To learn more about these tests or to get your eye allergies under better control, give us a call and set up an appointment today.